Election Guide

2023 Arlington Democratic Primary 

Get ready to vote! The Democratic Primary will be a low-turnout election. Your vote will have a big impact. Voters will rank their top three candidates to fill two vacancies on the County Board.


Two new County Board members will be elected in 2023. With your help, they can both be housing champions! 

Arlington County Board YIMBY-Approved Candidates

See Maureen's responses to our candidate survey here.

See JD's responses to our candidate survey here.

See Jonathan's responses to our candidate survey here.

The combined responses for all candidates (including those we are not recommending because they do not effectively support abundant housing) are here

The Arlington County Board Democratic Primary will use Ranked Choice Voting to select two candidates to move to the General Election in November. You can rank your top three candidates, in order of preference. If your first choice receive 33%+1 of all first-choice votes, a fraction of your vote can be transferred to your second or third choice candidate. If your first-choice candidate is eliminated, your full vote transfers to your second-choice candidate, and so on.

To have the best chance of two pro-housing candidates winning the primary, please rank Maureen Coffey and Julius D. "JD" Spain, Sr., as your first two choices, and Jonathan Dromgoole as your third.

Vote early in person 

find your june 20 polling place

Go online to find your polling place here.

On Tuesday, June 20, polls will be open from 6:00am to 7:00pm. 

Get involved with Yimby turnout

The best way to get two pro-housing candidates through the Democratic Primary is to increase turnout among Arlington's young renter majority.