Policy Objectives
& Core Values

Primary Policy objectives

Enact policy changes that enable construction of more and denser housing, including all housing types, in order to increase affordability for all Northern Virginia residents and prevent displacement of existing communities, especially low-income and marginalized ones. The organization will expend the most time, effort, and money on this goal. It may support individual developments.

Secondary Policy objectives

Enact policy changes that directly support denser housing and infill development. The organization may expend resources supporting these objectives, which may extend to individual projects.

Tertiary Policy objectives

Enact policy changes that address valid stakeholder concerns related to increased density and housing supply. The organization should not expend time, effort, or money directly on these issues. However, organization members may openly discuss specific projects and recruit other members to participate. The organization’s leadership may endorse such projects once plans are fleshed out and finalized.

Core Values

Civility & Integrity

This is non-negotiable. Organization members will represent ourselves and each other well and work together. Disagreements will be resolved amicably and through thoughtful discussion. We will always be factual and honest.

Action Orientation

We are dedicated to taking action to combat the housing affordability crisis. We will show up to local council and zoning board meetings to make our case. We will participate directly in the political process. And we will be positive, focusing on the merits of what we support rather than the defects of what we oppose.

Issue Focus: Housing Affordability

Issue focus and message discipline will keep our tent big and our coalition strong. We will relentlessly pursue our goal of making housing affordable in Northern Virginia by making homes abundant. This will require much more and denser housing, which in turn will require providing residents attractive, convenient alternatives to driving such as walkable amenities, protected cycling infrastructure, and transit.

Non-Partisanship & Pluralism

Our organization adheres to a strict policy of neutrality with regard to political parties. We may work for or against specific candidates, but not a party. Any partnership with a partisan organization should not be construed as an endorsement of it. All people of goodwill are welcome in our community.