Ending Nova's housing shortage

We love living in Northern Virginia and are passionate about making it better for everyone

Our Mission

YIMBYs (yes in my back yard) of Northern Virginia will make housing affordable to all by enabling the development of more and denser housing. Attainable homes close to the amenities of daily life hold the promise of communities that are more socially connected, economically productive, and sustainable, environmentally and otherwise.

Good Homes Should be Abundant

Northern Virginia’s housing affordability crisis is caused by an acute shortage. Single-family zoning and related policies have made housing a financial hardship for most people and were explicitly created to exclude nonwhite and poor residents. We welcome new neighbors. Click to learn about our goals and values.

We say, “Yes in my back yard!”

This 2018 map shows roughly where the Capital region is zoned exclusively for detached single-family homes. Neighborhoods such as Del Ray, Fairlington, and Ballston show denser housing takes many forms suited to different needs and tastes. The housing affordability crisis threatens Northern Virginia's extraordinary diversity⁠ its most unique attribute and greatest strength. YIMBYs want NoVA to be a great place for anyone to build a life.

Joining YIMBYs of Northern Virginia helps our grassroots organization punch above its weight. We need your help to build an organization with the capacity to defeat powerful entrenched interests and make housing abundant.