Support AT&T Oakton

Homes for 850+ Families

The AT&T Oakton redevelopment will provide more than 850 homes, with over 100 of them being dedicated affordable housing. A few outspoken voices want to stop this project by severely downsizing it.

Less Traffic, More Friends

The existing office building caused more traffic than any mixed use development ever could. A vote for redevelopment is a vote for less traffic, better transit, and pedestrian safety improvements.

"Supervisor Palchik, we want this!"

Tell the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission "We Want This!"

Supervisor Palchik, Commissioner Hancock, Board of Supervisors, Planning Commissioners,

We support the AT&T Oakton redevelopment. This project will create more than 850 badly needed homes, attract the investment needed to improve the safety on Chain Bridge Road, and will produce attractive homes and replace the aging office building and acres of parking lots. We will all benefit from improved availability of housing, safer streets, investments in our schools, and the improved access to Metro that will come with this development.

In addition to the housing, safety, education, and access benefits, the open space benefits will be substantial, The expansion of Borge Street Park will improve an existing park, and a new park will be created by re-routing Flagpole Lane. We appreciate the improvements to the Cross County Trail, and the new plaza will create a local focal point for the community. Additionally, the retail component means that residents and neighbors can choose to walk to do their grocery shopping instead of driving, improving the health of the community.

Aging office buildings like this one are unlikely to be filled any time soon. Even so, this development will produce less traffic than a full office building ever did.

We shouldn't pass up this opportunity to build a better Oakton.