Zoning for HOusing:
Our Priorities

YIMBYs of NoVA supports the Zoning for Housing recommendations made by city staff, which are a modest but meaningful step toward an affordable and sustainable Alexandria. City government should adopt staff's recommendations, and go further

Alexandria is in the midst of a housing crisis, which was born of racial exclusion and today contributes to our climate emergency. Crises demand bold action. Alexandrians present and future deserve robust reform that targets these problems' root causes.

How should city government strengthen Zoning for Housing?

Why our grassroots members support these changes

Legalizing small "garden-style" apartments and townhouses

Repealing parking mandates near transit

Allowing more homes in enhanced transit areas

How to implement these proposals

The aim of this section is to recommend concrete policy changes that allow Alexandria to achieve the goals laid out above. The details of the recommendations may shift as we continue to fine-tune them.

Legalize small apartments and townhouses citywide

Repeal parking mandates near transit

Allow more homes in enhanced transit areas

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