Plan Langston Blvd

Plan Langston blvd

Langston Boulevard (formerly Lee Highway) is Arlington's northern-most corridor. It is dangerous road lined with old single-story strip malls. For decades, neighbors have advocated for making the road slower, more like a Main Street, than a highway. More density would help make this area more walkable.

Because Arlington uses 'incentive zoning' to get property owners to fulfill community visions for an area, the Langston Blvd Area Plan will create a framework for developers to earn higher densities by providing community benefits. 

We need your voice to make sure that advocates for more housing and a people-centered Langston Blvd are heard in this planning process!

See the embedded Google Doc below for updated information about commission meetings and talking points.

Plan Langston Blvd Commission Hearing Schedule

Community engagement overview

Online surveys are one of the ways Arlington planners learn about community preferences. Read the results of the 2022 survey, which should majority support for more height and density, which are essential for fulfilling the vision for Langston Blvd.